While Intel believes the future of mobile is in Shenzhen, ARM remains committed to Taiwan.

arm taiwan 1 1024x576 Computex 2014: ARM bets big on Taiwan with the opening of new CPU design center

ARM executives and Taiwan government officials on stage at Computex. (Photo: Mengkuei Hsu/VR-Zone Chinese)

On Monday, day zero of Computex, ARM announced that it plans to open a CPU design center in Hsinchu, Taiwan to design the next-generation of Cortex-M class cores for IoT devices and wearables.

Initially the design center will have between 40-50 staff, scaling up as demand for wearables and IoT devices increases. ARM said that it was partnering with many local universities to find and grow the required talent pool for the center.

ARM executives said on stage that Taiwan’s strategic location to other parts of the supply chain, and strong hiring prospects, were factors that led to the decision to plan to to open the design center in Taiwan.

“Close proximity to key semiconductor and ecosystem partners and high-caliber local engineering talent makes Taiwan an ideal location for us to expand our CPU design activities,” said Simon Segars, ARM’s chief executive officer. “The new design center will have a particular focus on the development of ARM Cortex-M processors which are the market-leading design choice for IoT products. Establishing a new, world-class CPU design team in Taiwan will allow us to work even more closely with key regional partners seeking to accelerate this market.”

Hiring has started for the design center, and it’s expected to open at the end of 2014.