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Computex 2014: Hands-on with Lian Li’s DK-01X and DK-02X desk chassis

Lian Li brings a lot of new enclosures to its booth at Computex.


After revealing the innovative desk chassis form factor last month, Lian Li is showcasing the new models at its Computex booth.

The DK-01X is a desk chassis that features a slide-out drawer which accommodates the internal hardware. The desk top is covered by glass, which allows you to showcase your creations with ease. The desk itself fits in the largest motherboards, video cards and CPU coolers with ease, and comes with a siderack and a sliding keyboard tray.

DK-01X image gallery

The DK-02X is an oversized version of the DK-01X that can fit in two systems simultaneously. The desk chassis has mounting holes for three monitor mounts, eight USB headers at the front (four for each system), can accommodate a total of nineteen HDDs and has a ODD slot at the front.

DK-02X image gallery

The DK-01X and DK-02X will be available for sale in the US for $989 and $1189 respectively in July. In addition to the desk chassis, Lian Li is showcasing several unannounced models at its booth. There is no estimated timeframe as to when these models will be available, but Lian Li states that it is seeking consumer feedback on the modifications and enhancements it can make to these enclosures. One interesting model is a tower-style chassis that looks like a game console.

Prototype chassis



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