Configurable RGBY illumination, a unique dorsal fin button set and a 8200 DPI sensor make Roccat’s Tyon gaming mouse an ideal choice for enthusiast gamers.


With 16 on-board buttons and a unique dorsal fin style two-click button set, the Tyon is the latest gaming mouse from Roccat. The mouse features an 8200 DPI laser sensor with a dedicated button to change the DPI on the fly. There is 576kB of on-board memory that allows you to configure different profiles for different use cases. 

As far as the design is concerned, the mouse has user-configurable RGBY illumination around the lower rim and on the mouse wheel. The new dorsal fin two-click buttons allow you to set controls like in-game aircraft navigation and other actions that traditionally require two keyboard keys. You can also configure the buttons to control a car’s acceleration in a simulation game. 

Roccat hasn’t announced availability yet, but has mentioned that the mouse will be launching sometime in the latter half of the year, and that it will be available in black and white color variations. 

Along with the Tyon, Roccat has demoed the Kane in military green, with a matching headset and mouse surface. 

Roccat also showcased its current line of gaming keyboards in the Ryos series.