WD is getting ready for the big shift to PCIe-based SATA Express, the new transfer standard found on Intel’s series-9 chipset.


SATA Express is something that always seemed perpetually on the the horizon, but now with the launch of Intel’s series-9 chipset the hyper speedy transfer interface is now a reality. SATA Express is appealing because it offers a path improved speeds lower power consumption than its predecessors and also the chance to finally have some uniformity between the storage bus and the interface bus on a computer.


Uniformity between the two busses provides new growth opportunities for storage vendors, while preserving the ability to plug legacy SATA drives into new SATA Express based computers. In addition, SATA Express allows for lower costs for all, by removing the PCI Express Sync line via SRIS (Separate RefClock with Independent SSC), which lowers the overall cable cost. SATA Express also allows customers to work with SSDs, SSHDs, and HDDs on a single common bus. According to WD, the prototype uses standard a standard AHCI driver set.


SATA Express drives will be on display on the Computex showgrounds during the week from WD’s various partners during the week.