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Concept renders of Apple iWatch unveils a realistic approach to the smartwatch

On the outside looking in, it does seem like Apple is in some trouble as iPhones aren’t selling well and tablet market share continues to drop.  Tim Cook has promised investors, as well as Apple’s loyal followers, that the Cupertino-based tech giant will deliver some ‘amazing’ products later this year.  Among some of the speculated new gadgets from Apple is a smartwatch, aptly rumored as the ‘iWatch’, but Apple will always be Apple so we won’t know when or if the iWatch will be released.

Is there anymore innovation left running through Apple’s veins?  We’re not quite sure, but what we are sure of is that there are still plenty of innovations to be captured outside of Apple—especially in concept art and design.  One of the latest concept art, courtesy of Martin Hajek, illustrates to us what Apple could deliver on the iWatch should it choose to. 

Long have we speculated that the iWatch will have a curved display to better suit the contours of people’s wrists, and Hajek’s render of the iWatch reveals just that.  Additionally, it is much more plausible for Apple to design the watch to match the iPhone 5’s schematic, instead of redesigning a standalone product that does not go well with other Apple products.

Functionality-wise, we’re expecting smartwatches to possess most of the features that are present in smartphones.  That is, we’re expecting the iWatch to have a browser, voice calling capabilities, texting, app functionalities (i.e. Google Maps), and maybe even Siri as a projected hologram (okay, that’s a stretch, but wouldn’t it be nice?). 

Hajek’s concept render depicts the iWatch’s ability to become a GPS, and in all likelihood this is more than possible.  As with most smartwatches on the market today, the brain behind the wrist gadget still lies within the smartphone itself, and a Bluetooth connection is more than sufficient for the two devices to communicate and have the watch display what we want to see.

Apple’s annual WWDC is a couple weeks away, and while we’re not expecting any type of iWatch announcement, we do expect Apple to give us more details on its revamped iOS 7.

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