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Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

The Radeon X800 GTO is ATi’s answer to the GeForce 6800 PCIe. Today, VR-Zone takes an indepth look at this Connect3D X800 GTO. Both cards feature 12 pipelines so can this card give the Geforce 6800 PCIe a run for its money? Also included is information on turning this card into a 16 pipe card!

With the introduction of the Radeon X800GTO sometime in the early September,
ATi went ahead to put out yet another mid range product. While they have something
competitive on the upper and the lower end segment, they have not been able to
cater well to the important mid range market. While most of the gamers out there
would actually gawk at high end cards, the mid range products are usually the
ones that would capture most of the gaming crowd. ATi seems to take some
actions to address this problem recently and thus they have put together a
card that would please the gamer with an average wallet.

Following hot on the heels of the X800GT, the X800GTO is yet another product
that seems to come from an existing product line. With specifications of 12
pixel pipelines, one will immediately think of the X800 Pro GPU. With a
lower operational core clock speed of just 400MHz, it appears that these new
cards are more or less the reminisce of an End Of Line (EOL) product. With the
X800GTO priced to be similar to NVIDIA’s 6600GT 256MB, and the 6800 (vanilla),
it appears that ATi plans to capture the budget-performance gamers with a “lower
marked, high end product”.

The Connect 3D Radeon X800GTO is the first X800GTO to reach our local shores.
While the external packaging doesn’t have that additional appeal, it
is usually what’s inside that matters. While keeping everything else at the bare
minimum, Connect3D had kept the price down too. With an estimated street retail
price of about SGD$ 350 (~USD$ 205), this card ought to be a good competitor to
the green side. We’ll find out how and why that is so in the coming pages.

The packaging of the Connect3D Radeon X800GTO. With simple
packaging and a light bundle, some of you can enjoy the lower price such
products would offer.

The X800GTO from Connect3D we are looking at today, comes with
256MB of GDDR3 memory, and in the PCI Express variant. As stated, Video In, Video
Out functions are supported.

Here are some quick specifications of this card:

Processing Unit

ATi Radeon


PCI Express


GDDR3 2.0ns, Samsung K4J55323QF-GC20


Pixel Pipelines

Vertex Shaders

6 Vertex Pipelines


256 Bit

Core Clock


Memory Clock



Dual RAMDAC @ 400MHz

Max Resolution

2048 x 1536
@ 85Hz

Rear I/O Ports

1x VGA, 1x
DVI, 1x S-Video Out


Yes, 6 pin
PCIe Power connector

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