Just like the previous X800 GT we’ve seen a while back, the GTO here is
a card from the previous generation. Being marketed as a new part, and
priced rather competitively, it appears as though ATi wants to unload these “old”
parts. The Connect 3D card we have today looks exactly just like any other X800 Pro
/ XT card. This Connect3D card comes with that familiar red PCB, and a large but
slim single slot cooler.

While what we see here is basically an X800 Pro in disguise, we’re still
interested to find out what’s under the hood for this new kid on the block:

connect3d X800GTO3  Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

This is how the card looks like from the top. Without flipping
the card over for labels, it can easily pass off as any PCI Express based X800
Pro or X800 XT card. Even the heatsink/fan found on this card is the same as the ones found on a stock X800Pro/XT!

connect3d X800GTO6  Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

Once again, the back of the card is identical to the higher
end X800 Pro / XT brothers. The stickers are the only thing that allows identification of this card.

connect3d X800GTO5  Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

Unlike the X800GTs we saw previously, this X800GTO requires a
6 pin PCIe Power connector. However, much like the higher end X800 Pro / XT, the
X800 GTO has a higher power draw as compared to the X800GT.

connect3d X800GTO7  Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

There is an ATi Rage Theater chip found on the
back of the card. This chip provides additional Video In Video Out
capabilities to the card.

connect3d X800GTO4  Connect3D Radeon X800 GTO

Mid-range card it may be, this Connect3D Radeon
X800 GTO comes with the standard 1x VGA 1x DVI and an VIVO capable S-Video