With the large copper cooler removed, this is how the bare
card looks like.

*Click for a larger picture of the core

The core for this card is only “marked” as X800. While the
X800 Pro and the 16 pipeline X800XT shares the same markings, we will attempt to
make this card function like an X800XT. More on this in the coming pages.

These Samsung GDDR3 2.0ns memory modules can be found on the
Connect3D X800 GTO. Being rated at 2.0ns, this card can effectively operate at

As said earlier, the heatsink/fan of this particular card
comes as no stranger. The heatsink mounted on this X800 GTO is exactly the same
as those found on an X800 Pro / XT we’ve seen a while ago.

Like the higher end X800 Pro / XT brothers, the fan onboard
this card operates rather silently. Rated at 0.30A, this fan runs at a low
speed while in 2D / idle mode. When in 3D mode, the fan speeds up,
producing a slight humming sound.

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