Sony has announced that its next-gen PlayStation 4 console has sold more than 1 million units in just 24 hours since launch.


Quite a few of these sales represented pre-order purchases, but it’s quite an impressive start nonetheless, especially since the PS4 is only available in the US and Canada at the moment. It bodes well for the PS4’s upcoming launch in Europe and Latin America, and while Sony’s console might not have the advantage of a launch title like Titanfall, it should help the company achieve its intended sales target of 5 million units till March pretty easily.

While the launch has been pretty successful, things haven’t gone that well for everyone that ordered a PS4 – a considerable amount of buyers have complained of receiving a console that is unable to output video to a TV, owing to a fault that has been dubbed the “blue light of death” (BLoD); meanwhile, the PlayStation Network has been rather flaky as well, making it difficult for users to download apps or even log in to the network in the first place.

The network issues have been more or less fixed at this point, and Sony will surely replace faulty units, but the company will have to make sure more troubles don’t arise in the coming days, or it might just see some prospective buyers opting for Microsoft’s Xbox One, which launches in less than a week in thirteen markets.

Source: PR Newswire