Samsung’s rumored launch of a Galaxy S4 with LTE Advanced is not going down well with its South Korean consumer base.


Their argument is that it is too early for Samsung to launch a new device, considering the Galaxy S4 has been available for only two months. This comes after rumours started in the country that Samsung has finished testing and is about to launch a faster iteration of the S4 that makes use of LTE Advanced. Qualcomm is working on making a chipset that makes use of LTE Advanced, and this might be the chipset that is included in the new version of the Galaxy S4.

LTE Advanced is the new wireless connectivity medium that offers speeds that are much faster than current-gen 4G LTE. With LTE Advanced, you can get theoretical download speeds of up to 3Gbps and upload speeds of up to 1.5Gbps. This is achieved by a technique called carrier aggregation, in which service providers combine two separate spectrum bands to minimize latency and increase bandwidth. This has already been in use for 3G networks, and now carriers are utilizing this technique for LTE networks too. LTE Advanced is available in Russia and South Korea.

SK Telecom, South Korea’s leading carrier, has already announced that it will make its first device that runs on LTE Advanced  available by July or August, with the new version of the Galaxy S4 being the most likely contender. However, there is a significant amount of negative feedback at the news as customers feel that that the new version is being launched too fast.

One customer said, “I might have not purchased the Galaxy S4 and waited for the newest model (the Galaxy S4 Advanced LTE network) if I knew my smartphone did not run on the LTE Advanced network.”