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Converse in Spanish on your Android device

Google Translate

Google has refreshed its Translate app for Android devices, making it not only easier to interact with, but has an added Conversation mode which you can translate between English and Spanish.

Google has refreshed its Translate app for Android devices. Announcing the changes on its blog, the new version of Translate has better dropdown boxes for language selection, an improved input box, and overall cleaner look. Also a new feature is the Conversation mode, an interface that allows you to communicate easily with a person near you in another language.

Still in the alpha stages, the only language available right now is Spanish, and all you have to do is press the microphone for your language and start speaking, and the app will read the translation out loud.

Google has indicated that there will be further Conversation support for more languages in the future, but in the mean time, do not forget to bring your Android device with you when you travel to Spain, or need to converse in Spanish.

Source: Google 

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