A gentle Breeze on the Go

The small and portable ARCTIC Breeze Mobile is targeted at laptop users and frequent travelers. As the name depicts the gist of the product, its mobility aspect is the key. Because it is small and light-weight, the ARCTIC Breeze Mobile is ultra-portable. Just plug it into a free USB port of your laptop, the gooseneck provides ideal flexibility to direct the fan into the position you want. The low-noise impeller makes the fan run virtually silent.


The ARCTIC Breeze Mobile is a great companion for frequent travelers. Combined with a USB-Charger, such as the ARCTIC C1 Mobile, the ARCTIC Breeze Mobile becomes a fan, that can be used anywhere. The Arctic C1 Mobile, a rechargeable li-ion battery with solar panel, can power the ARCTIC Breeze Mobile for up to five hours.

All in all, the ARCTIC Breeze Mobile is very versatile to fit your lifestyle – for everyday use in any place. Simply plug it into a USB port, sit back and enjoy the breeze! “The ARCTIC Breeze Pro is a real eye-catcher on my desk. Everybody liked it a lot,” Christian Godelmann, Marketing Executive of ARCTIC said. He continues, “the Arctic Breeze Mobile, on the other hand, is great for using on a laptop or with a C1 Mobile wherever you go.”

The ARCTIC Breeze MOBILE comes with a 2 year limited warranty. They are available in end of July 2010. The MSRP is US$ 9.95 / 7.95 € (excl VAT).