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Product info


– High-performance freezing compressor is used (as shown in the picture).

– Strong cooling performance, reaching the maximum cooling effect of the CPU

– Meeting the high-clocks, high-voltage over-clocking requirement.

– Multiple options:

1. Three Evaporators SLI Cooling system (synchronous cooling of CPU, GPU1 and

2. Two Evaporators Cooling system (synchronous cooling of CPU and GPU)

3. Single Evaporator Cooling system (for CPU only)

– Low power consumption, low noise, and bargain price.

– Compatible with most AMD-K8 and Intel-P4 motherboards.

– Multi-function control card – automatic circuit-breaker function to
protect the compressor and the PC.

Two additional temperature displays (T2 and T3) and one additional 10-port
power board,

with controlled and compulsory ON/OFF mechanism.

– Delicately designed multi-display zones, with blue-backlight LCD panel

Description of LCD display zones:

Display zone for welcoming message and the name of cooler express

Display zone for temperature of the evaporation compartment

Timer display zone

Alternate display zone for T2, T3 temperature

– Multi-directional evaporation compartment fasteners and anti-dewing heater

– Instant ventilating fan with rev regulator

– Considerate master power switch design


– Quality aluminum case: aluminum / aluminum black