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Moving on we have the Silent Pro Hybrid PSU which by all intents and purposes looks just like a regular PSU, at least until you see the control panel it comes with. It's a very simple solution with a switch, two jog dials and a pair of LEDs. The left jog dial controls the PSU fan speed and the right controls the system fans. Up to three fans can be connected, but they're all controlled by the single dial. We're not sure what the switch does, but judging by the labels next to the LED's it's for switching between fanless (auto?) and manual modes.

One product that wasn't quite ready as yet is what Cooler Master calls Project A-L2 which is a sealed unit watercooling setup which looked quite a lot beefier than what we've seen so far. The pump housing is huge, but that alone doesn't mean it'll be a great cooler. Cooler Master has come up with an interesting internal design for the copper block which is interfacing with the CPU and it's meant to improve the heat transfer from the copper to the water in the cooler.

Another maybe product is Project S600 which is a rather peculiar looking air cooler with four heatpipes and a rather striking red fan. Once again, not a lot of details were provided, but we have a feeling that this one might just make it into production.

And now for what some of you have been waiting for, what was hiding behind closed doors. Cooler Master is working on a couple of high-end chassis that should hopefully be arriving later this year. The first one being a new Cosmos branded model, but this time it's bigger than ever. The basic design is somewhat similar to the Cosmos Pure externally as it features the same handlebars at the top and bottom, but the rest is an entirely new design.

Naturally it has a pair of USB 3.0 ports, but it also has USB 2.0 ports and an eSATA port at the front. All of the buttons will be touch buttons, unless something changes between now and the launch and there's a sliding cover that hides them from accidental touches. Internally there's space for XL-ATX boards and there's no less than 10 expansion cards. The side door is hinged, but it lifts off the hinge for easy access. The model on display at Computex was all black, but we've seen an earlier revision which was silver and black, so we'll have to wait and see what the final colour choice will be.

The next chassis should be part of the HAF family, but it's once again a massive chassis which borrows a few design queues from the good old CM Stacker. As such the entire front is loaded with 5.25-inch drive bays, but the design is still keeping with the HAF styling. There's a carry handle on the top and around the back there's space for nine expansion cards. Of course this model also has USB 3.0 ports on the front, but as this was an early revision, we don't want to go into too much details, as some features are due to change before it launches. Hopefully this gave you some insight into what Cooler Master is working on for the next few months, although we'll of course be checking back with Cooler Master and make sure that as soon as they let us take some pictures of these new cases, we'll be posting them.

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