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Cooler Master Cavalier Case Review

The Cavalier 1


looks like it was inspired by the Wave Master. It look so because of the "wave" shape we see on the front panel, but aside from that, we are really looking at a very different case. For starters, only the front panel is made of aluminum while the rest of the case is made of steel.


The Cavalier 1’s side panels are easy to slide off and the case comes equipped with two thumbscrews for screwless entry.

As we turn the case around, we can see the case uses the same 120mm exhaust fan we saw with the Centurion 5. Also included is the same 350W power supply and PCI card grippers we saw with the Centurion 5.

When the Cavalier 1’s front panel door is swung open you can see the case comes equipped with five 5.25" and one 3.5" drive exposed drive bays. Like the Wave Master, the Cavalier 1 has magnets on its front panel door to keep it from swinging around, a nice and useful addition to the case.

On the lower right side of the case’s front panel are two USB 2.0 ports and one IEEE 1394 Firewire port.

In the middle of the Cavalier 1’s lower front panel is a great looking audio meter. You plug the audio meter into your audio hardware, and the meter will swing according to your level of audio output. Backlit with a very nice blue light, the meter is a great addition to the Cavalier 1 case.

The other side of the Cavalier 1’s front panel shows the audio input and output connections as well as a volume slider.

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