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Cooler Master Cavalier Case Review

When the Cavalier 1’s front panel is taken off, we can see that it’s interior is essentially identical to the Cavalier 5’s.

The Cavalier 1 has five 5.25″ drive bays, all using the same locking mechanism we saw with the Cavalier 5. The locking mechanism does work well and is simple to use, but makes the inside of the case look ugly.


The same type of mechanism is used with the 3.25″ drive bays, which there are five of as well. There is a gap between the 3.25″ drive bays and the chasis for the front panel input cables, making them easier to manage keep out of the way.

The 3.25″ drive bays have an 80mm intake fan that blows air on the 3.25″ devices and helps regulate airflow inside the case.

When looking at the rear of the case we see the large 120mm exhaust fan and the Cavalier 1’s PCI slots. The Cavalier 1 uses clips that allow for screwless installation of your PCI cards, but are really not that useful since you will most likely be screwing your PCI cards into the case anyway.

Here we have the case’s 120mm exhaust fan, which runs at a low RPM for less case noise and helps improve airflow inside the case.

Next we have the Cavalier 1’s PSU. It has four regular four pin molex power connectors, two floppy power connectors, two fan only four pin molex power connectors, a SATA power connector, and the standard motherboard power connectors. It’s nice to see that Cooler Master has included a SATA power connector with this supply, eliminating the need for molex to SATA power converters.

Installing our test bed went without incident, we had no problems getting into the case and setting a system up and running. The case has no sharp edges which makes installation and repair work a lot easier but lacks enthusiast oriented features like a removable motherboard tray and only runs with one 80mm intake fan, which may not be enough for users with multiple RAID arrays needing extra cooling on their hard drives.

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