From the outside, the Centurion 5 is a great looking case. The front panel is made out of aluminum and includes a new “perforated screen design” on all the drive bays and all of the non-aluminum parts of the front panel. The perforated screen design is really is just a bunch of small holes in the front panel that help to improve airflow inside the case, a really good idea that surprisingly no one has thought of yet. The side panels are a standard steel composite and include ventilation holes to help dissipate heat.


Like many cases produced in the last few years, the Centurion 5 includes front panel inputs. The case has two USB 2.0, one firewire, and the standard MIC ports on its front panel. Also included are the standard power and reset buttons, as well as a nice looking blue power LED.


Here we can see the cases other side panel, with two thumb screws included to allow for easy tool free entry. On the case’s back panel, you can see the case’s large 120mm exhaust fan, the cases PCI slots, and a bundled power supply. Aside from the front panel, the rest of the case is made entirely of steel, a way to keep costs down but rather disappointing to fans of the ATCS line of cases. Overall, the Centurion 5 definitely looks good from the outside, let’s take a look inside the case and see what it has in store for us.