Cooler Master unveiled the HAF Stacker today at PAX Prime 2013 in Seattle, WA. The Stacker is the first configurable modtower case, and is aimed at DIY enthusiasts.

HAF Stacker 4

The HAF Stacker is a case like no other. It features high levels of modularity, and allows users to create different configurations based on their needs. Cooler Master has combined the HAF line and the Stacker series into a single line, which means that users will get the storage and large interior space of the Stacker line with the extreme cooling features found in the HAF line.

Users can customize their HAF Stacker to fit most system needs, whether it is a watercooled workstation, server or an extreme gaming rig. Cooler Master used a rail system which allows users to attach and remove additional stacks easily, and once attached, the stacks do not move.

The HAF Stacker comes in three different models. They include the ATX HAF 925 and the Mini-ITX HAF 915R and HAF 915F. A full-tower configuration can be achieved with a HAF Stacker 935 that consists of the HAF 925 along with a HAF 915R. Users will be able to buy the 915R, 915F and 925 individually to create more configurations.

HAF Stacker

The chassis will be available from the fourth quarter of 2013, and Cooler Master mentions that the price will vary by country.

Source: Cooler Master


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