After testing out the 80mm version of the Aquagate Mini, we were interested in the bigger sibling, the Aquagate Mini R120. Spotting a 120mm radiator, look here to find out how it fares against the R80 with a 80mm radiator!

After looking at it’s smaller sibling, the Mini Aquagate R80, today, we will
take a look at the bigger, beefier, and more powerful brother, the Mini Aquagate
R120. Spotting a bigger radiator, it means an increase of cooling power as
compared to the 80mm version.

Other then the radiator, the rest of the kit is totally similar. For more
information about installations, comparisons, and tests, please refer

The determining factor. With virtually the same box design, this is the
only way to determine if it’s a R80 or R120 set

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