Like it’s smaller sibling, this set includes:

  1. 1x Pump /Waterblock + 120mm Radiator + Pipes (All already attached out
    of box)
  2. 1x 120mm variable speed adjustable fan
  3. 1x Instruction Manual
  4. 1x Universal backplate
  5. 1x 120mm Fan grill
  6. 2x 3 pin fan molex to 4 pin standard molex
  7. 5x Mounting brackets, for K7/K8/LGA/PGA478/Xeon each

The 80mm radiator and the 120mm radiator, side by side. The 120mm radiator
seems to be thinner then the 80mm version, by about 1/2 of it.


The 120mm variable speed adjustable fan provided.


The ratings present on the fans. Like it’s 80mm brother, this too is rated
at 0.50A for current intake


For more information about the pump, installations, and other information,
please visit our previous Aquagate Mini R80 review