This small little nifty package includes:

  1. 1x Pump / Waterblock + Radiator + Pipes (All attached
    together out of box).

  2. 1x  80mm Speed variable fan.

  3. 1x Instruction manual.

  4. 1x Universal backplate.

  5. 2x 3pin (fan) molex to 4 pin standard molex.

  6. 5x Different mounting brackets for K7 / K8 / PGA478 / LGA775
    / Xeon each.

(The packaging of the Aquagate Mini)

(The setup right out of the box, pre-fixed
already. All you need to do is to screw the fan, and mount the block on the CPU)

(The rating of the pump. Somehow, this rating
isn’t the same as what is stated on Coolermaster’s spec sheet…)

(The pipes are firmly clamed onto the radiator and
waterblock firmly using such clams. No fear of leakage and slipping off.)

(The variable speed fan provided.)

(The label on the fan. at 0.50A, it’s pretty powerful,
however, with the variable controller, it’s power under control.)