Installation of this device was promised to be easy. It was easy, however,
there is just 1 last thing to improve on, the manual. The manual that came with
it was not too clear about the installation, and even left out completely on
K8’s mounting bracket. But nevertheless, the mounting of the block is fairly
easy, and the rest is just screwing in the radiator into the correct place.

(First, screw the retention bracket onto the block)

(Then place these anti vibration rubber pads on to your
motherboard (for K8, these pads are to be stuck on to the board)

(Then, attach the block onto the board, by means of the big
screws and the nuts provided. The above has this done already)

(This is how it looks like when the block is mounted onto
the motherboard.)

(The last step, mounting the radiator into any fan
vent/hole of your choice. I personally took the top exhaust, since it is a 80mm
vent, like my radiator.)

After installing of the water cooling kit, it’s time to fire it up! 😉