Installation of this heatsink, is a simple task. It seems that Coolermaster
had unified all modern enthusiast cooling solutions, with similar mounting
methods. The Hyper 6+ is no exception, spotting similar mounting as the Aquagate
Mini and the Vortex TX.

Here’s how the Hyper6+ is mounted on an LGA 775 motherboard:

First, have the long mounting screws screwed on to the mounting bracket.

Then, have the bracket screwed onto the base of the heatsink. (This had
already been done in the picture)


Then stick 4 soft washers onto the motherboard’s mounting holes, to prevent
scratching of the PCB, and short circuiting.


The heatsink can be mounted on to the board already. Insert the 4 solid
washers onto the back of the board first…


Then tighten the nut that would hold on to the long bracket screws.

Alternatively, instead of using solid washers, you could use the universal
backplate provided. The down point of this heatsink is that nothing about
the backplate is being mentioned on the installation manual regarding to the LGA
775 section. We had to figure this out, as the original mounting methods (the
method above) could cause slight warping of the motherboard, and also, removing
of those nuts might scratch the PCB.


The Hyper6+, fully mounted, and running in a system. Very pretty sight isn’t