The internals of this case is molded to be similar to Coolermaster’s
tradition of perfection when it comes to high end cases, much like the previous series of
Praetorian 731. This new 730 resembles the older 731, with a few improvements
made here and there, a great welcome sign for innovations.


cm praetorian 730 10 Coolermaster Praetorian 730 Photo Preview

A side shot of the front portion. Pretty roomy for a mid tower case like


cm praetorian 730 12 Coolermaster Praetorian 730 Photo Preview

The front from another point of view. Similar to the previous Praetorian
731 in terms of design for the 3.5″ and 5.25″ bays. However, this new 730
offers a single 120mm LED Coolermaster fan instead of the twin 80mm fans on the
older 731 case. With this new 120mm design, a greater performance level can be acheieved with lesser noise.


cm praetorian 730 11 Coolermaster Praetorian 730 Photo Preview

A close up at the LED fan in the front. At 0.20A, it is a nice mix of both
power and acoustic balance. This LED fan glows in Blue.


cm praetorian 730 13 Coolermaster Praetorian 730 Photo Preview

A total of 5 (including floppy and 3.5″ exposed bays) bays can be installed on
this case. Not too bad for a mid tower case, considering that it can take
4 5.25″ bays as well!


As per Coolermaster tradition, the PSU holder looks solid like all it’s
predecessors. With such a frame, even the heaviest PSU will have no problems in
this full aluminum case.


cm praetorian 730 14 Coolermaster Praetorian 730 Photo Preview


A rear view of this case, with the removable motherboard tray slide out.
Although not a new feature to Coolermaster’s high end family of cases, this
feature is one of the best points about the case. Such trays make installations of
motherboards a much more easier experience.

cm praetorian 730 8 Coolermaster Praetorian 730 Photo Preview


A picture of the tray totally removed. Also, note that there’s 2 80mm rear
exhaust fan attached to the tray. These 2 fans are also in blue LED flavors.


In conclusion, this case is really a promising case, that is of no let down
considering Coolermaster’s long history of delivering top notch cases since the good
old ATCS days. It has shown once again, sleek looks can go together with thermal
performance. With various features like removable tray, a wire-mesh front,
and a single 120mm front intake fan, this case is sweet!