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Coolermaster QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

At first sight, the CoolerMaster QuickFire Pro appears as if it is a slightly aesthetically enhanced version of simple mechanical keyboards, such as the Rosewill RK-9000; however there is much more about this keyboard than what meets the eye. The chassis of the keyboard is plastic, with a red metallic plate beneath the keys. The theme of the keyboard is close to the the ridged “militaristic” theme of the Trigger but the quality and feel of the chassis is notably inferior, with the QuickFire Pro feeling nothing more than simple plastic. Still, every key on the keyboard is mechanical and the keycaps are laser-etched, therefore quality is present where it really matters.

Much like they did with the Trigger, CoolerMaster replaced the Windows keys with keys featuring their Storm series logo. The key serves the same function as windows keys but can also be locked during gaming.  The FN key, which replaced the “office” key, is used to access secondary controls through other keyboard keys, as described below. It operates much like a “Lock” button, remaining operational until it is pressed again.

The F keys offer a variety of alternative controls when used in conjunction with the “FN” key. By holding down the ex-Windows key and pressing the corresponding F key, the user has control over the keyboard’s lighting features, common multimedia actions (Pause, Stop, Play, FB and FF) and volume (Mute, volume up and volume down).

In a similar fashion, the use of the “FN” key in conjunction with the Del key initiates the full N-Rollover mode which allows for multiple keys to be pressed at once. The top series of the numeric pad keys offer control over the keyboard’s polling rate.

We received the QuickFire Pro with Cherry MX Red switches, perhaps the most popular gaming switches available; however CoolerMaster offers the QuickFire Pro in four versions, with red, blue, black or brown Cherry MX switches. Since this is a partially backlit keyboard, some of the switches have a red LED embedded but not all of them.

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