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CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 1000W PSU Review

The Silent Pro M2 1000W unit comes supplied inside a relatively simple but fancy cardboard box. The box itself is sturdy enough to protect the unit during transport while the complex artwork is certain to draw a lot of attention.

Inside the box everything is well packed and protected by sheets of polystyrene foam and cardboard sheets.

The bundle which accompanies the Silent Pro M2 1000W is fairly poor for such a high end product. Inside the box the user will only find the necessary A/C power cable, four black mounting screws, a basic manual and a warranty card.

There is no bag for the modular cables coming with this power supply. All of the modular cables are not sleeved but a ‘flat’, entirely black cable, including the larger PCI-Express cables. There are no cable straps or even simple cable ties accompanying this power supply.

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