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CoolerMaster Silent Pro M2 1000W PSU Review

The fan responsible for the cooling of the Silent Pro M2 1000W unit is made by Young Lin Tech and its part model is DFS132512M. It is a relatively old but very reliable fan with a maximum speed of 2000RPM.

Guessing the OEM of the Silent Pro M2 1000W unit was no trouble at all; it is obviously based on an Enhance design. The core design of the unit is even similar to that used by the Real Power Pro M1000, possibly being just an enhanced design for higher electrical efficiency.

Starting at the back of the A/C outlet and continuing on the PCB, the filtering stage is adequate, with two Y-type capacitors, four X-type capacitors, 2 ferrite coils and a surge suppressing MOV. There also is a glass fuse, noise suppression rings and a power relay.

The primary capacitors are made by Matsushita (Panasonic) and are industrial grade products rated at 420V/390μF each. The secondary side capacitors are a mix of Nippon Chemi-Con, Teapo and TAICON products.

The heatsinks of the power supply are relatively simple but fairly large, even with the high power output of the unit in mind. The bridge rectifier can be seen on its own dedicated heatsink towards the end of the primary side heatsink. 

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