Cornice has begun selling a one-inch-diameter drive that holds
2GB, up from the 1.5GB, in its first-generation product. Cornice launched its
first 1-inch drive in June 2003. The product is being used in music players and
a Samsung device that combines MP3 player and video camera functions. The
roomier drive is expected to appeal to manufacturers of products such as video
cameras, music players and Global Positioning System devices. The new drive will
let people store more than three hours of VHS-quality video on a device not much
bigger than a deck of playing cards. On Monday, Philips announced two new
hard-drive based music players, one of which uses a 1.5GB Cornice drive.

Cornice isn’t the only company that produces drives smaller
than the 3.5-inch diameter models commonly found in desktop computers. Toshiba,
which makes a 1.8-inch drive that’s used in the popular Apple iPod music player,
has said it is looking into making a still smaller model. In addition, Hitachi
makes a 1-inch model with 4GB of capacity as part of its line of diminutive
drives, while China-based GS Magicstor has a 4.4GB 1-inch drive. The 2GB drive
has a list price of $ 70 per unit in quantities of 100,000 per year.