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Corsair AX1200i PSU Review

Corsair supplies the brand new AX1200i in a large, dark cardboard box with a black/red color theme. There are no fancy colors and/or designs about the box, as Corsair went with a more "serious" look to attract the attention of professionals and workstation owners.

Inside the box, we found everything neatly packed and well secured. The power supply itself is wrapped inside both a nylon bag and a reusable synthetic pouch, as well as sandwiched between two Styrofoam pieces. It feels impossible to damage this product during transport.

The bundle which comes with the AX1200i is a little too basic for a unit with that kind of a price tag. Inside the box we only found a few cable ties, a case sticker, the Corsair Link interface connector, a black and white manual, the A/C power cable and four black screws.

Every cable of this power supply comes stored inside a basic nylon bag and, since this is a fully modular unit with a 1.2kW output, it is a big bag. Inside the bag we found six PCIe cables, two CPU 12V cables, the ATX cable, the Corsair Link cable, two Molex to Floppy disk adaptors, four cables for up to 16 total SATA connectors and three cables for up to 12 total Molex connectors. Note however that "only" 6 out of 7 Molex and SATA cables may be connected at the same time!

Those of you that are asking, "why make the ATX connector modular when you are going to use it no matter what?", the answer is simple. If the cables were to be hardwired, they would have to enter the unit and be soldered directly on the voltage supply lines. We will later see that by using a connector, Corsair moved the entire distribution of the power supply on the vertical PCB which is holding the connectors, increasing both the efficiency of the unit and the room available to install even more fancy features.

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