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Corsair AX1200i PSU Review

Out of the box, the AX1200i will appear massive to a user who previously owned a typical ATX power supply. The 20cm long chassis is not overly long but it certainly is considerably longer than what the ATX design guides dictate, which might become an issue in smaller cases. Corsair sprayed the large chassis of the AX1200i with a matte black paint, much like with most of their power supplies.

Corsair usually places decorative stickers on the sides of their power supplies and the AX1200i is no exception, with stickers bearing the series and company logos glued on both sides of the unit, between an embossed lines design.

We found the sticker with the electrical specifications of the AX1200i on the top side of the chassis, covering about half of the unit's top side surface.

The rear side of the AX1200i is entirely perforated, allowing warm air to escape towards the rear side of the case. Besides the standard on/off switch and the typical A/C power plug, Corsair also placed a small sticker with the unit's logo on the rear side of the power supply.

No less than 17 connectors can be found at the front side of the unit, which seems excessive but was definitely expected from a fully modular supply with that kind of power output. Interestingly, the PCIe and CPU connectors share the same plugs, as well as the SATA and Molex connectors. There is also a self-test button with a green LED next to it, allowing the user to quickly diagnose if there are problems with their power system.

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