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Corsair AX650 PSU review

The AX650 is supplied in a large, sturdy cardboard box with an almost all-black theme. The artwork on the packaging is very simple, probably because Corsair wants to pair this product with a “professional” theme. A wealth of information about the unit itself can be found at the sides and rear of the box.

Inside the package, the power supply is very well secured between Styrofoam pieces and is enclosed inside a black cloth pouch instead of a standard bubble bag, which pouch you can reuse for any purpose you see fit.

The bundle that is supplied with the AX650 PSU is nothing more than Spartan. Except from the black pouch which protects the PSU and the standard AC power cable, you will also receive several short black cables ties, black screws, a case badge with the company logo and a well written manual. There are no cable straps or other accessories, which might feel a little disappointing considering the class of the power supply.

You will also receive the modular cables inside a large nylon storage pouch. The SATA and Molex power cables are not sleeved but a ‘flat’, entirely black cable. The thicker cables are entirely black but sleeved as well.

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