CCA54012 300x235 Corsair Carbide Air 540 Case Review

Left side compartment.

Everything about the Carbide Air 540 is black, including the interior and the frames of the pre-installed 140mm fans. The case is quite spacious, allowing the easy installation of very high end components. Looking at the right half of it, which holds the motherboard tray, we can see that motherboards of up to eATX size will easily fit. There are numerous large holes around the motherboard tray; two over the motherboard, six to the right side of the motherboard and one at the bottom side of the motherboard. All, except from the bottom, have rubber grommets installed.

CCA54013 300x274 Corsair Carbide Air 540 Case Review

Right side compartment.

The right half of the case is dedicated to the power supply, 5.25” devices and a cage for 2.5” devices, leaving plenty of room for cable management. The PSU compartment may be adjusted to fit a power supply of any length with ease.

CCA54014 198x300 Corsair Carbide Air 540 Case Review

Front 140mm fans.

Two Corsair AF140L 140mm fans have been installed at the front of the case, serving as intakes. The 1150RPM fans are nearly silent and very effective for their size, reaching an airflow of 67.8CFM each. We should note that there is enough space to hold a 3x120mm water cooling radiator if the fans are removed.

CCA54015 300x192 Corsair Carbide Air 540 Case Review

3.5″ drive trays.

Two trays for 3.5” devices can be seen at the bottom of the chassis, which can also hold 2.5” devices if required. The trays end at quick-swap connectors, allowing the quick removal and replacement of the drives if necessary. However, just two 3.5” devices may be too few for many users.