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Corsair H100 Water Cooler Review

The H100 liquid CPU cooler comes supplied inside a large cardboard box as large as the box of a power supply. The design theme revolves mostly around the core of the cooler itself but information on the features of the cooler can be found at the sides and rear of the box in several languages.

Inside the box the cooler and the bundled items are very well secured and carefully separated using environmentally friendly cardboard packaging material. Every single part is wrapped in plastic bags, except from the manuals.

The 120mm fans supplied with the cooler have been rebranded to Corsair’s logo and their model number is CF12S25SH12A. Corsair shares the specifications of their fans and these ball bearing models have a maximum rotational speed of 2500RPM, at which they move 92CFM and generate 39dB(A). 2500RPM 120mm fans are very noisy because the amount of air they push creates a lot of turbulence as well but this kit can be set to reduce the speed of the fans down to less than half for a low-noise operation.

Inside the box you will find the necessary retention brackets and the backplate needed for the installation of the cooler on various CPU sockets, a black and white manual and all the essential screws and hardware (all of which are black) required to install the cooler inside the case and on your CPU.

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