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Corsair H100 Water Cooler Review

Corsair managed to make the installation of the H100 cooler very easy. The installation requires some time and only a PH2 screwdriver. Corsair has the Intel processor retention brackets pre-installed on the base of the cooler, therefore if you own an AMD CPU you will have to remove the brackets and replace them with those intended for AMD CPUs. Each of the AMD CPU brackets has a metallic retention hook which is tightened by thumbscrews.

For installation on AMD CPUs, the H100 kit requires the presence of the stock plastic retention bracket of the motherboard. The user has to merely place the core of the H100 unit onto the CPU and tighten the thumbscrews by hand until the setup is firmly secured on the CPU core.

The final step is to install the cooling fans onto the radiator and place the radiator inside your case. The real challenge is that the radiator must be near the CPU itself, therefore a case which can accommodate two 120mm top exhaust fans is virtually necessary. There are several such cases available to purchase, although we are certain that modders will not have a hard time designing their own.

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