The HX1050 comes inside a large, sturdy cardboard box. The box is well designed and focuses on the most important features of the unit. Strangely, the picture of the unit on the box is not perfectly accurate (the fan grill has metallic rings which are missing).

Inside the package, the power supply is very well secured between Styrofoam pieces and is enclosed inside a black pouch instead of a standard bubble bag, which pouch you can reuse for any purpose you see fit.

The bundle is relatively poor for a power supply unit of such a class. Except from the black pouch which protects the PSU and the bag which contains the modular cables, you will only receive a standard A/C power cable, several small black cable ties, black screws, a case badge with the company logo and a basic manual. There are no cable straps or other accessories included.

All of the modular cables come inside a simple but effective bag. The SATA and peripheral power cables are not sleeved but they are ‘flat’, entirely black cables. The thicker cables are entirely black but sleeved as well.