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Corsair launches the AX1500i, its most technologically advanced PSU yet

Corsair’s AX1500i is aimed at the high-end enthusiast market, and delivers 1500 watts of power with an efficiency of 94 percent.

Corsair AX1500i

Corsair has been making stellar power delivery solutions aimed at hardware modders for years now, and its latest offering in the AX series, the AX1500i, is its most technologically advanced yet. The AX1500i delivers efficiency that goes beyond 80 Plus Platinum, and meets the new 80 Plus Titanium standard.

The AX1500i is the second model from Corsair to come with DSP-controlled circuitry, which provides great voltage regulation, and allows in maintaining stability and reliability while producing less heat. The AX1500i comes with a total of eight PCI-E cables, which allow a maximum of four video cards to be connected in tandem, either in Nvidia’s SLI or AMD’s CrossFire configurations.

The AX1500i comes with a custom 140mm fan that minimizes noise levels even while under load. Noise level is at a maximum of 26.5 dB at 1500 watt output, and due to the efficient design, the PSU functions in fanless mode if the load is under 450 watts. Corsair claims that the AX1500i can achieve and sustain an efficiency of 94 percent at 50 percent load at 115V.

The AX1500i can be used in a single +12V rail mode, or can be configured to work with a multi-rail +12V configuration. By default, the multi-rail combination is active. The multi-rail configuration lets users set the overcurrent protection levels for individual rails as they see fit through the Corsair Link software utility. Using Corsair Link, users can monitor in real-time the current that the AX1500i is drawing, along with energy efficiency and heat that is being generated. Corsair Link also gives users the ability to adjust the internal fan settings.

Corsair has announced that the AX1500i will cost $449.99, and will be available worldwide from Q2 2014. It will be backed by a seven-year warranty.


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