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Corsair TX750M PSU Review

Corsair supplied the TX750M PSU inside a large, sturdy cardboard box with a black-yellow theme. The artwork on the packaging is simple and but there is a wealth of information about the unit itself around the sides of the box.

Inside the package, the power supply is very well secured between Styrofoam pieces and is enclosed inside a black pouch instead of a standard bubble bag, which pouch you can reuse for any purpose you see fit.

The supplied  bundle with the TX750M PSU is simple and straightforward. Beyond the black pouch which protects the PSU and the standard AC power cable you will also receive several short black cables ties, black screws, a case badge with the company logo and a well written manual. We also received a USB flash drive with an ATE test report, but there is no mention of it in the official contents list, therefore we can only assume that it is only being supplied with review and engineering samples.

You do of course also get the modular cables, but they're supplied in a simple plastic bag; there is no storage pouch or anything similar inside the package, yet you can use the large black pouch enclosing the PSU if necessary. The SATA power cable is not sleeved, but is instead a "flat" and entirely black cable. The thicker cables are also completely black, but have been fitted with sleeving as well. Problem is that the SATA/Molex cables attached to the PSU are also normal, sleeved cables, making the single flat modular SATA power cable look entirely out off place.

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