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Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Keyboard & M60 Gaming Mouse Review

Corsair supplies the K60 keyboard inside a large cardboard box with an interesting, futuristic theme. About a quarter of the top side of the packaging forms a small window, revealing part of the keyboard and a four out of the 10 “special”, sculpted keys.

Despite the size of the box, inside it we found only a warranty card, a basic quick start guide and a wrist rest.

The wrist rest also serves as a storage compartment for up to 10 keys, as well as for the key replacement tool. It is where you may store either the sculpted keys or the normal keys which they replace.

Unlike the grand package of the K60 keyboard, the M60 mouse is supplied inside a rather basic blister plastic package. The one good thing about this type of package is that it allows a clear view of the product without having to open it.

Much like with the keyboard, inside the plastic packaging we found a warranty guide and a basic quick start guide.

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