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Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Keyboard & M90 Gaming Mouse Review

As for their mechanical keys of choice, Corsair went with the Cherry MX Red keys only. You will not find the Vengeance K90 keyboard supplied with any other mechanical keys on board; at least for the time being. The Cherry MX Red keys are considered (arguably) to be the best keys for gaming, requiring little and linear actuation force. Corsair also installed a blue LED beneath every mechanical key this keyboard has.

The blue backlighting under the “floating” keys creates a spectacular visual effect. The user may adjust the brightness of the backlight or turn it off completely. As we mentioned before, Corsair placed a LED beneath every mechanical key; which is why the ESC key, F1-F12 keys and navigation keys are not lit, as these are simple rubber dome keys. The Macro keys do feature white backlighting but they also are simple rubber dome keys and not mechanical.

The three small indicator LEDs can be found between the multimedia controls and the Windows key lock button. Corsair went with discreet white LEDs, fitting of the futuristic theme of the keyboard.

Corsair also installed a standard USB 2.0 port at the right back side of the K90. The port may be used to connect a gaming mouse or any other USB device.

The plastic rear of the keyboard is rather simple and uninteresting. There are four high quality anti-skid pads and two legs which raise the rear part of the keyboard by about 1cm. The front legs which would raise the front part of the keyboard, as it was the case with the K60, are now missing.

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