The actual Asian Championships may not have started yet, but local teams were already engaged in some furious (and fortunately, all virtual) bloodlust in a bid to secure the honour of being selected to represent Singapore in the Asian playoffs schduled to take place on the second day of the tournament.

In this match, team Aeonsport was pitted against team Tempest, and both sides showed their worth by fighting it out in an extremely long match (a full hour, to be precise). Aeonsport found themselves on the defensive after team Tempest launched furious attack waves, and for a while, victory seemed to be in Tempest’s grip.

However, as Tempest also had suffered losses during their offensive spree, both sides made the decision to farm for awhile, and it was during this lull that Aeonsport recovered enough to launch a merciless, all-out counterattack which sealed its position as Singapore’s representative in the Games, as well as Tempest’s fate.

Full match videos coming up soon (as soon as processing finishes!)