The installation of the NH-L9i is extremely easy. The user only needs to apply a thin film of thermal grease on the CPU and then secure the cooler using the supplied installation nuts, inserting them from the rear side of the motherboard. Once the cooler is firmly secured, it only occupied the area over the CPU socket and staying away from memory and expansion slots, as well as anything else which could possibly obstruct its installation.

As we mentioned before, the NH-L9a comes with a backplate and it is the only extra piece of equipment supplied with its bundle compared to what is supplied with the NH-L9i. As the cooler virtually has no weight, the backplate serves mostly as a sophisticated spacer for the installation screws.

Same as the NH-L9i, the NH-L9a only occupies the CPU socket area and elevates itself only 37mm above the CPU core. The NH-L9a is a little longer but that is within AMD's socket specifications and will still remain clear of the memory/expansion slots and other motherboard equipment.