Bought a shiny new Windows 8 tablet but got little or no clue about what's under the hood? Worry not, this open source app will save the day!

CPU Info is an open source app that serves multiple purposes. One of them (the handy one) gives you all the information regarding the CPU model, clock speed, number of physical/logical cores etc. The other feature (or boon rather) could probably let you seem more aware of your tech product in front of a geeky friend of yours. Here's what the maker of this open source app has got to say:

Today I created a small program which detects most information of your CPU. The program is called ‘DetectCPU’ and it does what it says.

The program is licensed under the GPL3.0. This program is written in Visual Basic(.Net) 2012 for Windows Desktop.

Here's what CPU Info can tell you about your processor:

  • Clock Speed
  • Virtualization Support
  • Bus Speed
  • Cache Size
  • Number of Physical/Logical Cores
  • etc.

This is a real handy tool that will let you know easily know all the specific features of your CPU for free. You can even have a look at the code for yourself, modify it and complie it on your own as it is open source. Head over to the original thread over at XDA Developers Forum by following the link below.

Source: XDA Developers Forum