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Creative Announces GigaWorks T3 Speaker System

Creative today (18 Nov 2008) showcased their GigaWorks T3 speaker system to the media. The speakers were designed to deliver quality sound and sound accuracy (clarity). Creative’s goal was to be able to reproduce that of a S$5,000 reference system. Read more and see live pics of the event inside.

Creative GigaWorks T3

The GigaWorks T3 is a 2.1 setup featuring a pair of satellite speakers with a max output of 15watts and a sub-woofer rated at 50watts. Don’t let the specification numbers fool you into thinking that the audio reproduction is going to be muffled or boomy.

A quick listen to two other sources proved that Creative’s GigaWorks T3 speakers delivery was close to their reference system and better than brand ‘B’ (brand B is a similar 2.1 system).

Playback was via Creative’s own Zen V using 320Kbps encoded audio.

There was a definitely a difference between all three systems; the biggest of course was that of the reference system versus brand B. The difference with the GigaWorks T3 was still there, but Creative did an excellent job to produce a system that outputs fidelity that was reference using a S$5,000 setup.

The bass response was especially good considering the compactness of the enclosure. You’ll note that there is no bass port tube like brand B’s. Creative employs a new design called, SLAM (Symetrically Loaded Acoustic Module). This system uses three 6.5-inch drivers to produce excellent bass response.







The satellites are larger than most 2.1 designs and this enables the satellite to deliver more frequency range. This was evident in sung vocals where brand B came across as muted and dampened audio. The reason – on other systems the mid-range is often crossed over into the sub-woofer.


The setup eliminates a power switch on the sub-woofer and incorporates the a low power standby mode that would probably meet EnergyStar requirements. A Creative official noted the standby power is below 1watt.

Notice the puck shaped wired remote has two jacks, one for headphones and the other is for line-in. The latter makes it easy to connect up your Creative Zen, MP3 Player, iPod or any other device featuring a 3.5mm lineout – even your mobile phone would work well.

The SRP S$299.00 is attractive for a 2.1 system that would fit nicely into a study or bedroom. It would equally be at home in a computer setup that cannot accommodate a 5.1 setup for surround sound gaming.

Available now from CREATIVE stores at Marina Square, Plaza Singapura, and International Business Park or online at sg.store.creative.com and authorised dealers. 

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