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Creative announces launch of new wireless speaker systems

Cables are the nemesis of neat freaks who cannot stand the idea of having any form of foreign material cluttering their otherwise spotless desks, right? Well, the good news is that Creative has been hard at work in eliminating all traces of those pesky cables in its speaker lineup, and its latest line of wireless speakers introduced today in a media event held at the Intercontinental Singapore is probably the best proof of how one does not need to rely on copper wires and cumbersome equalizers for decent audio. So what can the average Joe expect from Creative's new products? Read on to find out…

Remember the story we published some time back in 2010 where Creative claimed that the preferred mode of entertainment for most consumers is centred around the need to "go wireless", and that this trend will gain enough momentum to be the only form of digital entertainment in time? Well, it turns out that Creative had a lot more in mind than just simple tablet devices and wireless speakers. In fact, the company believes so strongly in the potential of wireless digital entertainment that it has refreshed its entire lineup of wireless entertainment tools with new features to "redefine home audio experience for consumers" while ensuring that they do not have to end up smashing the piggy bank to do so. 

Speaking at a media event held at the Intercontinental Singapore to announce the company's new wireless entertainment devices was Eugene Chong, Creative Technology's manager for marketing, who talked about its new ZiiSound Dx series of Pure Wireless Modularity Bluetooth speakers for consumers.

Claiming how most 'wireless speaker systems' still require users to fiddle with the connecting wires used for each speaker, Ching explained how Creative was able to completely do away with such cables by implementing "robust wireless technology" in its new ZiiSound Dx series of modular Bluetooth speakers.

"What we have done in the ZiiSound Dx series of wireless speakers is to give each speaker the ability to link up to each other without the need for connecting wireless. This gives users the new-found flexibility of adding on speakers, piece by piece, all without the need to deal with cables or invest in a new home speaker system," he claimed, while likening the speakers to audio 'LEGO' building blocks that can be linked wirelessly to form up to a 3.1 configuration.

In addition, Chong also announced the introduction of various new wireless products such as the new one-piece D80 Bluetooth speakers, the ZEN Style M300 portable media player and its new WP-series headphones which feature an "invisible mic" for use in most communication devices.

Creative's new D80 wireless Bluetooth speakers. And just so we make it clear, that coloured speaker grille you see is NOT user replaceable. 

The Creative ZEN Style M300 portable media player. Notice its size in comparison to a typical smartphone as shown below:

Creative's WP-250 wireless Bluetooth headphones…

…along with the WP-350…

…and finally, the WP-450.

Last but not least, Creative's resident acoustic engineer Tan Lip Hwee was also at the event to demonstrate the ease at which typical consumers can link up the various components of the ZiiSound Dx modular Bluetooth speakers wirelessly, as well as its remarkable audio quality its drivers and subwoofers were capable of churning out in tandem.

That being said, we really should point out that the products that were announced in today's press release are identical to the ones which we had put in in a previous news posting exactly two weeks ago. As such, if you want to know more about Creative's new range of wireless entertainment products , do feel free to hit up the link here for details about their pricing and release dates. 

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