Creative Technology, well-known for its Sound Blaster sound cards and audio devices, has just introduced Sound Core3D high performance audio processor. Read on.

The Sound Core3D is a hardware audio processor that allows high quality analog playback, recording and has a low power consumption. It is available in two different platforms, a HD audio configuration for PC products and embedded configuration for consumer electronics. 

Sound Core3D Four independent processor cores
6-channel 24-bit 102dB digital-to-analog converters
4-channel 24-bits 101dB analog-to-digital converters
Integrated headphone amplifier-out
Digital microphone interface
S/PDIF inputs and outputs
General purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO)

The Sound Core3D processors enables CrystalVoice processing and THS TruStudio Pro.

CrystalVoice Acoustic Echo Cancellation – Eliminates echo
Focus Beam-forming – Focuses voice for more clarity
Noise Reduction – Eliminates background noise
Smart Volume – Maintains a consistent volume level
FX™ – Allows alteration of voice with a range of effects
EQ – Allows adjustment of frequency response

THS TruStudio Pro
THX TruStudio Pro Crystalizer
THX TruStudio Pro Surround
THX TruStudio Pro Smart Volume
THX TruStudio Pro Dialog Plus
THX TruStudio Pro Bass

Other additional audio toolbox alogrithms include a 10-band graphic EQ, bass management, speaker calibration, limiter, reverb and a pitch shifter.