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Creative New Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

Creative (NASDAQ: CREAF), a worldwide leader in digital entertainment
products and the creator of Sound Blaster®, today announced the Creative Mouse
Gamer HD7600L. With an excellent design and ergonomics conforming to the
different needs of gaming enthusiasts, the Creative Mouse Gamer HD7600L
definitely scores a direct hit in the digital gaming battlefield!

Featuring a robust 2400 dpi HD-Lazer Engine, a two-way DPI Selector, high-speed
USB connectivity and an ultra sleek design, the Creative Mouse Gamer HD7600L is
so powerful that it enables gaming enthusiasts to stand out from the competition
with its lightning fast-speed movement and sheer precision. Three unique
changeable “Game On” covers allow gamers to add character and personality every
time they step onto the gaming arena. The remarkable Creative Mouse Gamer
HD7600L is packed with a whole host of gaming induced features and delivers
consistent yet outstanding performances that allow gamers to fully immerse in
the gaming experience.

• 2400 dpi HD-Lazer Engine – Users revere in the unmatched accuracy and control
of the latest laser technology. The HD-Lazer brings users exceptional
responsiveness and the smoothest tracking ever experienced! With a high
image-processing sensor, response is incredible and instantaneous. Tracking is
also smoother. Gamers can now experience their games in ultra fast speeds.
• EasyGlide Teflon Feet – High-tech Teflon feet ensures ultra smooth mouse
action for ultra fast movement.
• High-Speed Data Transfer – Enjoy blazingly fast operations all the way with
fast USB connectivity! Competitors will be left far behind as the fast data link
propels users ahead in the race to win!
• Programmable Buttons – Users can program the five highly customisable buttons
and two-way resolution dials for ultimate control. This guarantees unprecedented
freedom and fast-paced action.
• Ultra Fast, Ultra Safe – The Class 1 laser sensor automatically reduces power
when the mouse is lifted off the desktop. This ensures the safety of users at
all times.
• Switch DPI – On-The-Fly – Users can optimise their dpi setting for enhanced
speed, precision and accuracy! A unique control switch allows users to instantly
toggle between 400, 800, 1600 and 2400 dpi. An integrated dpi indicator allows
users to easily check the performance and speed of their mouse.

Pricing and availability
The Creative Mouse Gamer HD7600L is now available in retail shops in Singapore
at a suggested retail price of S$ 89.00. The standard package also includes 3
changeable “Game-On” covers.

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