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Creative Pure Music Everywhere: Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Systems and more

The D200 is in many ways similar to the ZiiSound D5. However, instead of the synchronous precision volume control used on the D5, the D200 employs a conventional volume control circuit.

For the ZiiSound D5, the volume is controlled in a digital domain on both the speakers and the device. For example, when you raise the volume on your Apple iPod, the volume bar on the D5 increases accordingly, and vice versa. Effectively, it is impossible to go beyond ‘full scale’ volume, and hence you will never experience audio distortion due to clipping.

While the D200 loses the synchronous volume control, Creative’s engineers have worked hard to retain nearly the same sound signature as the flagship ZiiSound D5. Mr Tan did an A-B comparision by seamlessly switching between the D200 and D5 with a simple press of the button on the iPod Transmitter.

At just S$149, the D200 is pretty impressive, and we would expect Creative to move a nice number of these speakers.



The D100 takes the spot for entry-level wireless sound.

Available in a variety of colours, we were told that girls like the pink and green ones, while boys like the blue ones. Any objections to that?

Well, I guess it is all a matter of taste. If in doubt, take black.


There is a large rear port for air to move, improving bass response.

If you are lacking a Bluetooth-capable device, there is an AUX IN connector for connecting devices via cable with a standard 3.5mm audio jack.


The device can run off four AA batteries. It is easily the best boombox for your resident park. Want to conduct some Chinese dance classes at the void deck? The D100 is for you. At only S$89.


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