Creative Technology and its subsidiary, QMax Communications, are suing Huawei for more than US$9.3 million (S$11.7 million) for the collapse of the mobile broadband project between the two companies in Singapore.

Creative has launched a lawsuit against Huawei for US$9.3 million (S$11.7 million) for the failure of the WiMAX broadband project which it claimed to have paid to the Chinese company. QMax Communications, a subsidiary of Creative Technology, has contracted Huawei to set up a WiMAX broadband network in Singapore in 2010. According to Creative's second-quarter financial statement released earlier this month, the company stated that "QMax has suspended the wireless broadband project as the vendor for the equipment has failed to deliver on the key network performance requirements set out in the relevant supply contract". The vendor had not been named at that time.

Source: Straits Times, TNW