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Creative Warehouse Sale II

It is back again!! The super Creative Warehouse Sale is back bigger and better than before! Over 50,000 Creative products will be offered for sale in a 30,000 sq ft air-conditioned room.

Event: Creative
Warehouse Sale II
Date: 12-14
Sep 2003
Time: 11am
– 7pm daily
Venue: Creative
Technology Headquarters
31 International Business Park,
Creative Resource,
Singapore 609921

VR-Zone had the chance to do a warehouse sale preview (yes, we got some goodies too) and we are going to give you the lowdown on the best buys there! Along with pictures of how it is like…Without the crowds of course.

New event venue, better organisation and more items on sale…so why hesitate ? Head on down to Creative Warehouse Sale at Internation Business Park. Good luck to those daring souls who are already queing up at Creative HQ.

Find more information regarding the wharehouse sale inside this news article.

Apparently everyone who went down to International Business Park for Creative’s first Warehouse Sale will never forget the spiral queue going round the building. To ease traffic this time round, the sale will be conducted at a new venue on the 2nd floor. One has to walk past the CreativeX Showroom (Nicely furnished and organised for the sale)before reaching the warehouse. I highly encourage everyone to browse thru the new MP3 Players on display, test-drive the TravelSound and feel the effects of the new series of i-Trigue speakers.

If you are deciding to bring your child along, CreativeX has this eductional software section catering to every aspect of your child’s educational needs.

Well i must definitely say this. I didn’t know Creative actually has this extensive range of products till i saw it today. Eventhough its my first time in there, the demo-stations with warm customer service representatives really left a lasting impression in me. Its just an eye-opener to walk through the CreativeX showroom with everything stacked on racks nicely like supermarkets. No hassle. Just grab, pay and go.

Now more about the warehouse sale. This is how it looked when we entered the venue. I got to say, it is huge! Expect it all, except the buffet table…..

The entire place is stacked up like this. Just imagine how much stuffs are there for you to grab. It is 10 times bigger than the last warehouse sale they had, and this one is much cheaper as well. There are tons of refurbuished (mainly display units) sets going for crazy prices.

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