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Creative X-Mod Wireless Dissected!

We managed to get some Creative Xmod Wireless goodness before we flew off to Computex, and now it’s time for us to tear it apart and take a look at its sexy innards…

We’ve seen some great external audio devices by Creative, from their MP3 players to external sound cards like the Sound Blaster Live! External and Audigy 2 NX. Recently, Creative invited the Singapore media to their XMod wireless product launch at a condominum showroom, showcasing their latest products with the XMod wireless as the focus.

The XMod Wireless has similar specifications as the XMod wired, but comes with wireless functionality which enables you to wirelessly stream music up to 30 meters away, with the ability to adjust volume, CMSS 3D and crystalizer etc on and off at different X-Fi recievers. This basically puts the XMod Wireless up there with the like of the SqueezeBox and Sonos in terms of functionality, but will it beat the oldtimers for sheer sonic performance?

Today, we will be taking the X-Mod apart for your viewing pleasure, and to get a better idea of what it is capable of.

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